Sunday, April 20, 2014

What's your passion? x Taberou Clothing

What does personal branding mean? Personally, I would say "blogging" is one of the greatest to reach out people, brands and more opportunities to come because "blogging is branding" We show who we are. 

But first of all, you gotta have passion in what you work for, as well as "yourself" Personal branding is not about how famous you are, it's all about what people think of you and your own name. for example, if I mention "Red Bull' you guys might think about x-treme sports sponsor, or energy drink for such activities. It's the same theory to apply for yourself.

I have been collaborating with brands including UK based designers or Asian teams, and still feel grateful about the opportunities I have received. Likewise, this is the second outfit I styled with the skirt sent from Taberou Clothing, high-street based brand from London. Some might think that it'snot necessary to collaborate with the brands, while some may say that working with the brands are a "must'' *If you just blog as a hobby or for fun, then working with the brands is not important. However, if you blog as a career or think about growing your passion, then collaboration with brands is something you should consider. Or else why are you blogging for?

However, don't take it for granted when collaborating with brands nor let them use you for nothing. Don't get too excited about every email you receive because you have to "check&scan" first. Some can be trust, but some are scam. You don't have to accept every offer. "Choose the one that fits your style

Let me tell you this, working is like mutual friends we have in Facebook; nurture the connection you get, when you can grow together with them. You work together, and you are exposed to media together "Increase visibility, boost up traffic to your website and reach more opportunities" In my case, it's not just about working, posting on social media, then split up since I always keep in touch with the brands. The social medias are already here, use it! Like me and Taberou Clothing, we usually say hi to each other, visit each other instagrams and so on because I really feel blessed for "what they see in me" I'm just a blogger who doesn't have 10k followers. But they still wanted to cooperate with me. 


Because of personal branding I have. I have my signature high-street style to proof together with how consistency I keep track on. Trust me, don't wait for them to say hi to you, be the first who swim out to the sea and catch the fish. It shows your interest to the brands too. No matter "yes" or "no" At least you try :) I'm sure you guys are all amazing! 

If you need some tips about this, feel free to hit me up on 

Instagram: @thequinoxfashion

Top-Own designed blazer
Shoes-T.U.K. Footwear

Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How can you cope with fashion in the heat ? x Nun Bangkok

Top-sent from Nun Bangkok
Shorts- DIY
Boots- sent from online shopping
Bag- sent from Paul's Boutique
Hat- street market

I love Summer and will always love this season, no matter how temperature can be insane sometimes. However, the weather here in Bangkok, Thailand seems to increase more and more and now I feel like melting in the daylight. I have loads of clothing choices to wear (it's an advantage of being in a country where there are three main seasons right :D) but I feel a little bit frustrated sometimes when it is too hot to wear some pieces I want to take a photo with. So what my solution is? "I'm just going with whatever I can pick in my wardrobes lol"

Have you ever prepared the outfit before going to bed, but ended up wearing something else in the morning? 

Yes, I have! Since it's too hot to get dressed when the expected cool breeze will never ever gonna happen here. Or when I wear tank-top or shorts, my skins are getting tan sooner that I have expected (If you want to get tan real quick, then come here) Especially, it's pretty risky with skin cancer under the UV and some other invisible rays from the sun too. Besides, I have had a problem with skin irritation lately since the heat reacts with my facial skin somehow, thus my face tends to be really red and dry around cheeks and chin areas. 

Beauty Bloggers, do you have any favourite sunscreen to recommend? My skin is pretty sensitive though, so I really don't know which one to purchase. 

Outfit: Actually I have to say a super big hug (again) to Nun Bangkok who sent this oversized and limited top top me because I don't want to wear anything else but big t-shirt and shorts. Also, thank you to Paul's boutique for this cool Jessy Black to me (The post is coming soon!)

Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Behind The Scene: Self-Confession

Collaboration with For Elyse

It's been quite a while in this fashion industry, blogger sphere, and a place which I call "truly passion" I have been working and collaborating with wide variety of brands including UK based designers or Asia teams. I do appreciate every opportunity that comes into my life. Actually, I don't wait for the lucky day to happen, I run to it. However, I think it would be better if you guys get to know more about me, the opposite site of my reality. 

My name is "Gail" a girl who mixed with 3 races; Thai, Chinese and a little bit of Indian. I was one of those girls who lived my life by the will of my parents, I mean I had been trying so hard to achieve everything that my parents wanted. For example, studying hard to get into the top three universities in Bangkok, Thailand, to get high GPA in order to compete with others. Well, education is important for me and I still think that it is very important to graduate from university no matter if it's going to be bachelor or master degree which I'm about to start in Manchester this September. Anyway, things always change, and it was a big change during a couple years ago because I have found who I really am. 

Collaboration with Treasure Jewellery

From London Fashion Week to brands' collaborations and fashion events, I'm still one of the people who really down to earth. I'm pretty chill and go with the flow. 

And here are 10 facts you might not know about me.

1. People ask all the time "What/Who my inspirations?" Honestly, my answer always be "Music" I don't really keep up to date with fashion runway or season trend, what's hot and what's not since my style is all about mood and music. I'm kind of artist person, and my mood swings most of the time. Yet my street style always be the same and constantly consistency. I turn my music on when I wake up, work or even getting dress. And one thing that's weird about me is that I keep clicking on the repeat button of my favourite song to inspire myself and fire myself up so that I can work with new ideas and strengthen my spirit to pursue my goal. Oh and i love rock/electronica music :D

Collaboration with NUN Bangkok

2. No matter whoever come in my life, "family always be my priority" Even though, I don't talk much with my dad, mom and brothers or even argue about my future plan and etc, they are all I have including my 15 years old dog. Some might love their boyfriends/girlfriends with all their hearts, but I always tell my boyfriend that if I have to choose, my only one family will always be my first choice. 

3. I don't dress up 24/7. When I have a photo shoot or events to go, I dress up like a full version. But when I go to supermarket, i wear tank-top, shorts and flip-flop lool Who would wear leather jacket or a gown to the market!?!?!?!?!?!

4. I love travelling so much! I have been to prolly 10 countries so far, and I don't really like the idea of buying a tour package because I hate wake up call lol And that's why I went to UK alone. I love exotic places such as Amazon or Africa because I love its nature and abundant of wildlife. Adventuring there sounds so good to me though :) However, one of my bucket lists is "Alaska" 

5. Speaking about my dog, I'm really an animal lover person. I don't like kids nor thinking about having one after getting married since I just don't like. I know it sounds harsh, but I guess my love towards the animals is what god has instilled in me instead. I want to have my own "dog charity" in the future, because I think that dogs and animals can't speak, they can't even communicate their love, hate, hurt and feelings like human does. They need help.

6. I exercise 3-4 days a week. I can't stand eating without burning calories out. It's not good to be (too) self-obsessed, but I can't stand in front of the mirror and see my thighs as big as a log. I'm not that skinny, but I'm more concern about healthy physical and mind. Why? Because when I was younger, I was mocked all the time "You fat! OMG look at your belly! Why you are so fat?" And that's the main reason why I push myself to be in this point. 

Collaboration with Chicnova

7. I have faith in everything that I do and I'm pretty fight for what I want. I have been through so many things unpleasant in my life, but all of these have taught me to be strong. I am really generous but I don't really give a fuck about what people think. I was in between so many screwed up situations, so after that I have found out I should be more dependent on myself and care less about others like my mom once said "You seem to care every single person in this whole world, you know you should care about yourself too" 

8. Money can't buy me for a shortcut success. Money is one of the commodities that we all human-being can't live without. But I'm not here, writing my blog to earn loads of money and Prada bag. I believe that passion comes first, so does it always attracts money afterward. 

Collaboration with Alice's Pig

9. I don't care about the shit loads of how people look at me. Sometimes my high-school friends think I have changed a lot (oh yes I was a nerd back then lol) They talk about me, they gossip about me but guess what, I don't really care. Trust me, don't try to be the "another" you in order to satisfy or meet the expectation of anybody. JUST BE WHO YOU ARE AND APPRECIATE THOSE WHO LOVE YOU FOR YOU.

10. I eat a lot. Actually, I eat everything especially Thai and Japanese food!

These are just some confessions, but there are more to come. I just want us to get to know each other, not just some followers or readers who come and go. You know that I really feel grateful about being here, and to know you all. Without you, I wouldn't be in this place :') If you wanna know or catch up about my life, please feel free to add me on Facebook or Follow on 

Instagram @thequinoxfashion 

Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Featured on press, pony earrings and I'm moving to Manchester

The weather in Bangkok, Thailand is insanely hot, however, it is a good thing to take advantage of this heat to get more tan right? lol Ok this post is gonna be kinda wrap up of this week since I'm super busy with everything I'm handling at the moment. 

- First of all, I was featured in Thai Trend Spotting, Thai online magazine which specifically focuses on "Street Fashion" These are my street snapshots at Siam Square, one of the most popular street market located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Siam Square is like Shoreditch in London because you can find people, hipsters, young designers, shoppers, students and tourists here. Well, I think it is one of the places where the photographers usually take a snap here.

- Second, the pony earrings which I'm wearing is one of the items from "Quirky Treasure by The Equinox Fashion" which I'm going to launch very soon. All of them are made in pastel colours such as pink, green, white, purple. So if you are interested, please feel free to send an email directly to "" I can provide all of the colours to show you :) OR FOLLOW THE SHOP'S INSTAGRAM @quirkytreasures

- Last of all, I'm moving to Manchester in order to finish my master degree in international fashion marketing. It's gonna be a big journey again! Going alone, travel alone, I'm super stoked about it actually hehe :D Can't wait to see you guys again this time <3

Top-"Choose Life" Tank top from street market
Bottom-High-waist jeans 
Boots- Shopping online
Bag-Paul's Boutique London
Accessories- Earring from my shop "Quirky Treasure"

*photo credit to Thai Trend Spotting ขอบคุณมากๆคะ :)

Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Thai Fashion Blogger ft UK Artist x Taberou Clothing

"Lil rockstar" My name defined by Taberou Clothing, well-known high-street online brand. The Equinox Fashion and Taberou clothing, we are not just doing an outfit post but also I will be their featured designer as well. 

The reason why I love working with Taberou clothing ( is because the team is super talented. Before I said "yes" to our collaboration, I had looked at all of their products, also previous work. I myself love a "graphic print" a lot, so why would I say no? Their showcases are really awesome! Especially, how they have designed to be more abstract style. Because it is really easy to mix&match the look with just one plain top and abstract printed skirt or leggings. 

This skirt " Betrothal of Mary and Joseph" of course sent by the brand, therefore I paired this light weight yet silky touch with the sleeveless top and T.U.K footwear. Oh, and my hologram bag purchased at street market too. 

I have designed two artwork for Taberou Clothing, and really can't wait to see the final outcome :) And you guys will be able to shop my featured design in the website as well. Moreover, I will launch my own jewellery line very soon, so please stay tune. Or you guys can update about my work, event and what I'm up to in my Instagram too. 

The photos taken by Intizjournal

Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

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